Kitchen’s equipment:

  • professional gastronomic pots with volumes from 0.5 to 170L
  • skillets, baking tins and frying pans made from stainless steel (including special kitchenware for fish, pancakes, steaks)
  • iron kitchenware
  • pans and buckets made from stainless steel
  • vacuum flask for food and drinks transportation
  • strainers, dippers, mixers, rods, rollers etc.
  • forged kitchen knives
  • gastronomic container GN-type, griddles for convection-steam ovens and cooling boards
  • chopping boards
  • small kitchen utensils
  • griddles, strainers, shovels and jaggers for pizza
  • café-devices
  • thermometers (including electronic), pyrometers, hygrometers
  • special clothes for gastronomy, kitchen’s caps

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