1. Plan Your expenses

We would like to offer You our assistance within multi-variant cost estimates preparation and investments planning, preparation of documents for potential creditors (bank, leasing center).

2. Plan it with us

We would like to invite You to our commercial office at the stage of building and repair work planning. It will let You avoid costs of any unnecessary modifications and needless additional costs.

3. Technology

The most important and essential step to start up the modern and functional gastronomic infrastructure, which can guarantee the proper sequence of technological processes is the project of technology.

Every project is considered by us together with the investor.

Our projects are made in compliance with valid sanitary regulations and hygienic standards of European Union, Industrial Safety regulations, against fire protection regulations, HACCP guidance. Every of our project is accepted by Sanepid.

We are preparing the branch guidance concerning the water-sewerage-gas installation design, central heating, wiring- and ventilation-installation.

4. Expertise and stock-taking

On our client’s demand we perform the measurement of existing rooms – for project needs and we can verify the availability of the room for the gastronomy.

We can also perform the stock-taking of our client’s equipment – gastronomic equipment.

5. Consultancy – choosing of devices and furniture

Long-term experience of our staff enables us to easily match for local’s needs the devices and furniture made from high quality stainless steel.

We offer You very modern technological solutions, durable, reliable, safe-in-use and economic-in-exploitation devices.

Equipment offered obtained all essential attests and certificates of safety, exploitation admission certificates and declarations of conformity.

6. Supervision

We supervise the building and repair works concerning the compliance with branch guidance given to the contractors.

7. Assembly

If You decide to buy our goods we will assembly them FOR FREE.

Installation of furniture and devices is performed by qualified service employees of Sawex company.

During training courses by polish and foreign manufacturers these employees obtained all necessary certificates and authorizations.

8. Training

We can train Your staff concerning operating of our equipment.

9. Service

All products bought in Sawex company are supplied with 12- or 24-month guarantee and an after-guarantee service.

Our service-phone is available for You for 24 hours a day.

We have got the original spare parts for every gastronomic device from our offer.

We are offering our clients the service within signed service agreements and paid technical inspections (at previously agreed dates).

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