Bartender’s accessories

High quality bartender’s accessories it is not only a reason to be proud of, but also a prestige mark of your local and higher confidence of Your client. Bar equipment offered by our company catch Your client’s eyes and make the cocktail making more magic.

Our offer of professional bar equipments includes:

  • shakers – traditional, three-parts, with a strainer included, two-parts and Boston type, essential for preparation of alcohol and alcohol-free drinks (0.3L – 0.7L)
  • bar-rummers – for preparation of cocktails composed from easy-mixing ingredients
  • bar-strainers / spiral (strainer) – for straining the drinks from rummer or shaker
  • bar-spoons – do cocktail mixing (available with a beater on one side)
  • bartender’s knives set – for cutting, peeling, scrapping and notching fruits
  • olives tongs, marasek
  • buckets, ice-can and ice-tongs – vacuum flasks to keep the ice on the bar, within the reach of bartender
  • Champaign-buckets, wine-decanters, alcohol-cooling-cans
  • citrus fruits juice squeezers – manually-operated press for fruits, which takes few place on the bar-plate
  • manually-operated ice-crashing mill – instead of standard ice-chump
  • bartender’s boards – with a special groove for juice-leading included
  • bar-measures, jiggers, measuring-spoons – 1 – 250ml volume
  • cork-screws, openers for caps, cans and bottles
  • pour-bottle-devices – to make the alcohol pouring process clean and precise
  • bottle-dropper – very helpful by preparation of cocktails with small amount of additional taste-ingredients
  • rasper for citrus fruits skin removal
  • salt-cellars, pepperboxes, salt- and pepper-mills
  • anti-slip plates
  • blender or electric mixer – with adjustable rotation speed
  • bartender’s cases – with the standard bartender’s set included
  • bar-glass
  • cocktail accessories

Additionally we are offering You the essential bar equipment:

  • alcohol cooling devices
  • electric ice-crashing devices
  • electric citric fruit squeezers
  • coffee expresses
  • manually-operated washing devices for bottles and pitchers
  • ice-cube device

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