The company PHU SAWEX is servicing equipment companies such as:  Kromet, Bertos, Stalgast, Hendi, Rational, Lotus, Fagor, Winterhalter, CRM, Corema, Icematic, Simag, Comenda, etc…

This guarantee refers to products of: PHU SAWEX located in Poznań, at Lotosowa Street 43, 60-175 Poznań.

Commercial office: Malwowa Street 144, PL60-185 Poznań / Skórzewo.

Service phone: 0601 70 19 10

Application form to be downloaded at:  zgloszenie_reklamacyjne.pdf [complaint form.pdf]

  1. The guarantee for products bought is given for a period of 1 year – according to this guarantee’s conditions. The guarantee’s period starts with the day of delivering the Product to the Purchaser. All faults observed within this period of time will be repaired for free after delivering the faulty goods to the distributor.The Purchaser will loose the guarantee’s rights if the fault will not be reported immediately, but not later than 7 days after it is observed.The guarantee given for the goods sold does not exclude, limit or suspend any of purchaser’s rights arisen from the sell agreement.

    Guarantee reparation means any specialist activity performed by the manufacturer to repair the fault covered by guarantee’s rights. Guarantee reparation does not include any of activities described within instruction manual, which are to be done by the user on his/her own and on his/her expense.

  1. Guarantee covers hidden faults which stick in the Product, only.Guarantee does not cover any mechanical, thermal, chemical, electric and other faults not caused by Guarantor, such as:
    • faults arisen during transportation or transshipment,
    • faults caused by improper usage or storage of the Product,
    • faults caused by using the Product not according to instruction of use, intended use or safety regulations
    • faults caused by nay reparations, modifications, variation or adjustments performed by third person,
    • faults caused by component’s wear during normal exploitation (i.e. seals, pipes, polyethylene board’s surfaces, blades, parts made from glass or plastic etc.).
  1. All guarantee repairs mentioned within the guarantee, the Purchaser performs at Guarantor Service called hereinafter as Service.
  2. The guarantee repair can be performed by an authorized personnel of Purchaser based on following conditions:
    • during the guarantee period all spare parts are delivered on Guarantor’s cost, based on below described conditions,
    • distributor covers all additional costs connected with the guarantee repair, specially costs of arrival and worker(s),
    • all spare parts are supplied together with an invoice with 30-day payment period,
    • Correcting Invoice for sold/changed spare parts will be issued after sending back by the distributor to the Guarantor below mentioned things:
  • spoiled spare parts,
  • service documentation of guarantee repair performed,
  • valid proof of purchase.

Every service activity and return of worn spare parts to the Guarantor must be performed within the 30-day payment period, which starts with the date of issue the VAT invoice for spare parts. If the afore mentioned period will be exceeded all costs mentioned within VAT invoice are covered by the Distributor, and the Guarantor is not obliged to issue the correcting invoice.

  1. After receiving the Product the Purchaser is obliged to check the technical and quality conditions of the Product. Any fault of the Product should be reported by the Purchaser at the way-bill. If any faults arisen during the transportation, the Purchaser is obliged to report it via complaint form directly to the carrier. If any fault of the Product caused by the transportation (transport faults) will not be reported this way, the complaint will not be investigated and the Purchaser will loose the guarantee rights concerning this case.
  2. To make the guarantee valid, the Purchaser must have the guarantee card signed by the Guarantor in original or in duplicate confirmed by the Guarantor. Confirmation of the device sale is the Purchaser, VAT invoice or assembly protocol signed. Any application concerning damage or failure will be accepted in written form only, with a detailed description of a failure, sent via e-mail to To keep the guarantee valid the Purchaser must submit to the Service below mentioned things:
  • valid proof of Product purchase,
  • faulty Product,
  • complaint application protocol enclosed to this guarantee (the protocol can be found at
    • The Product delivered by the Purchaser to the Service must be packed properly. If the Purchaser will not fulfill the above mentioned condition, the Purchaser will be responsible for any consequences, such as damage of the Product. [3]. The Purchaser must deliver the Product clean, without any residues. If the Product is not clean, the Distributor has the right to refuse getting the Product or clean it on purchaser’s cost. If the Product’s weight is below 15kg the cost of delivery to the Service is covered by the Purchaser and if it exceeds 15kg the cost is covered by the Guarantor.
    • Any faults arisen during guarantee period will be fixed by the Service within 14 working days, starting from the date of delivering the Product to the Service as it is described within this guarantee. If any spare parts will have to be brought in, the repair period could be extended by the Guarantor.
    • The guarantee repair means any repair of a faulty Product performed within a period mentioned in point no. 1 and performed according to conditions of this guarantee. Below mentioned activities are not treated as guarantee repairs: maintenance, periodic inspections, adjustments and calibrations, controls and Product’s cleanings.
    • If Service will inform the Purchaser in written form, that the failure cannot be fixed, the Purchaser has a right to change to faulty Product for a new one. Service will deliver new Product within the period agreed with the Purchaser, but not later than within 14 days from the day of receiving the faulty Product. By exchanging the Product to a new one, costs of missing or broken parts and exchange costs are covered by the Purchaser. If any spare parts will have to be brought in, the repair period could be extended by the Guarantor.
    • If the Product exchange according to point 9 is not possible, the Purchaser has a right to get back the amount based on the proof of purchase.
    • Every faulty Products or part, which has been replaced, are the Service’s property.
    • Any complaint sent to the Guarantor not in compliance with procedures described within this guarantee will not be investigated, and any complaint sent to the Guarantor not in compliance with terms described within this guarantee will cause the loss of guarantee’s rights.

Any situation not described within the general sale conditions is regulated by the Civil Code. Our general sale conditions become valid automatically after each product’s delivery by “Sawex” company. Any aberration has to be confirmed in written. The VAT invoices are issued according to valid regulations to all Receivers, whose are VAT-payers. If new versions of general sale conditions or pricelists will become effective, the previous ones become not valid any more.

All prices mentioned within the brochure are netto prices, and the 23% of VAT should be added.

Legalization of any measuring devices used for commercial needs lies within responsibility of the Purchaser.

All rights to this brochure are reserved. Any kind of use of this brochure without written permission is forbidden. Pictures placed in this brochure are illustrative ones. Products in real could be different than illustrated ones

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