Consuming room’s equipment

  • plates (including plates for fish and pig), platters,
  • under-plates, cloches, gravy boats and salad bowls made from precious steel
  • cutlery, from the cheapest and most common to the top grade ones
  • cream-, milk-, coffee- tea- and juice-pots
  • banquet-tables accessories (catering)
  • spices sets, ashtrays, flowerpots, chandeliers, napkin-racks
  • caviar coolers, skillets and cutlery for snails,
  • accessories for oysters and lobsters
  • cups and portion-measuring-device for ice-creams, waffle-holders, washers
  • fondue, wok and hot-stone
  • chafing-dish type dish-heaters (bemars) with fuel and paste included
  • soup kettles
  • waiter-trolleys

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