Courses and trainings

ACADEMY OF MIXING of Zdzisław T. Nowicki

In January 2003 the board of SPB-PBA has created the Academy of Mixing of Zdzisław T. Nowicki. The regular training center for bartenders is Astor Hotel*** in Jastrzębia Góra, where good conditions of theoretical (with audio-visual mediums) and practical are ensured. Additionally the hotel offers very good prices for all participants of trainings.

“Bartender-mixer II level” courses are steered by the best students of Zdzisław T. Nowicki.

These are qualified master bartenders with big experience, many successes at national and international contests and special instructive-didactic authorizations.

Mr. Zdzisław T. Nowicki – the patron of the whole project, based on his long-term training experience, has prepared the program of course for Academy of Mixing. The training is in compliance with the International Bartenders Association (IBA) program and fulfills all international standards. It covers also some elements which are specific for polish market, including the regulations concerning bartender’s work.

After passing the final exam every participants gets a SPB-PBA diploma together with an English international certificate, which is acknowledged by dozen of member countries associated with International Bartenders Association.

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